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Finding the Right Colorado Work Injury Attorney

How can I find quality legal representation regarding my work injury?

Whether your work injury occurs all of a sudden or over a period of time, finding help in obtaining your full workers' compensation benefits can be a challenge. Most of us don't wake up every day thinking we'll need to find an attorney, or doctor or any other unique service we don't use day-to-day.

Much of the time though, recovering medical and wage loss benefits from a work injury requires the assistance of someone with the experience in navigating the system and dealing with employers and insurers in a legal sense.

You can do a lot to understand the system yourself but not having experienced representation with you can likely hinder the potential benefits you ultimately receive.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can find a qualified Colorado work injury attorney, what kinds of qualifications you should look for and what kinds of questions you should ask when interviewing a potential attorney for your case.

Where can I find a good Colorado work injury attorney?

There are many ways you can find a good injury attorney to represent you in your case. Continue reading for five common ways you can go about this and be open to different ways of finding the right one... sometimes, good things can come from unexpected places.

Family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances

One great way to find a good work injury attorney is to ask other people you know. This gives you a firsthand account of how the attorney works and what your friend thinks of them.

Online Directories, Search, Social Networks and the good old fashion yellow pages

Looking for attorneys through online searches or the phonebook is the perhaps the first place you instinctively look. Many lawyers have their own websites and generally are listed in legal directories. LegalZoom, NOLO and Red Law List are a few legal directories you can check out. Or go to Google and type in a search for 'work injury attorney Denver' or 'Colorado workers' compensation help' or something like that.

You can also check your favorite social networking site like Facebook and even look in local search/review sites like Yelp, Google Local and so on.

And of course, you can refer to your local phonebook as well.

Other Attorneys

Perhaps you've got a neighbor, or a friend of a friend who is an attorney. Remember, not all lawyers are the same. One who does criminal law won't be much help in a workers' compensation case. But they probably know an attorney who does. Attorneys refer clients back and forth all the time so if you know of one lawyer, chances are they know someone who can handle your case.

State/Local Bar Association

You can also contact your local or the Colorado Bar Association to find a good work injury attorney. Each bar association is different and will list attorneys in different ways – some may just list all attorneys while others will only list those with a certain amount of experience. Before you choose any though, verify the criteria the bar association uses in developing their list.

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