How You Can Help Us Win Your Case

If you hire a workers' compensation attorney, help them help you obtain full treatment and benefits for your injuries

As attorneys representing injured workers, our main responsibility is to do everything we can to get the medical treatment and maximum amount of wage loss benefits prescribed under the law.

But in order to fully maximize the amount of benefits you ultimately receive, we depend on our clients to provide us with the information we need to fully represent your case. There are several things you can do to aid us in this effort.

As you may know, insurance companies, corporations, government entities and others have personnel carefully working on their side to try and decrease the amount of benefits you ultimately receive. That's why it's important you do the following to ensure your case isn't derailed or benefits reduced.

The following suggestions are based on years of experience representing both sides in a workers' compensation claim. When approaching your case, keep the following in mind.

Document everything and have copies

Since insurers and companies have limited communication directly with you, they rely heavily on medical records to determine the amount of compensation you're owed. Therefore, your records need to be complete, accurate and available to us.

Do your part by making sure every injury, condition or medical problem connected with your case is included in your medical records. If they're not, insurers will question if the condition is connected with your work injury. Be sure you communicate all problems clearly to the doctor and provide detail on what your symptoms are and which body parts are affected. And be sure you clearly communicate with your doctor how your injuries are affecting your daily life – ability to work, sleep, perform daily chores at home, etc. – and be sure this is included in your records.

This applies to treatments as well – insurers will only pay for treatment related to your claim. If it's not recommended by a medical provider IN WRITING, it will most likely not be paid for. Every treatment connected with your injury must be carefully documented... that includes EVERYTHING (over-the-counter medications, slings, bandages, gym membership in connection with an ordered exercise program, massage therapy and more)

Your medical records need to reflect ALL recommended and performed treatments. If you have any gaps in your treatment, there needs to be a reason why. If you do have gaps in your treatment and they aren't documented as to why, insurers will either assume you got injured again or are trying to "game" the system.

Besides medical treatment, you also qualify to receive wage loss benefits if you missed work because of your injury. If you do have to miss work because of your injuries, it needs to be clearly stated in your medical records that a doctor ordered you to rest or imposed restrictions preventing you from performing your regular job duties. Your employment records must reflect this as well.

Remember too that you may incur other expenses related to your injury. Workers' compensation entitles you to be paid for the ALL losses you incur. We cannot seek compensation for something we don't know about or find out about much later. Whatever the incurred costs (... including travel costs), maintain receipts and careful records of the expense so we can be sure you're compensated for it.

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