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Babcock Law Firm Publishes Free Comprehensive Guide for Injured Workers

Denver workers’ compensation attorneys now offering one-stop resource to help injured workers easily understand how to obtain benefits

Denver, Colo. – September 19, 2011 – Getting injured on-the-job, regardless of severity, can prove daunting well beyond the injury itself. Workers injured in the course of their employment largely find it difficult to understand how the Colorado workers’ compensation system is supposed to function, potentially causing them to not receive the full benefits afforded to them under the law. To help further understanding of this process, workers’ compensation attorneys at the Babcock Law Firm in Denver (https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/) recently published a comprehensive guide for injured workers, making it available for free online.

Divided into two main sections and several chapters, Babcock Law’s comprehensive (PDF) Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide provides important information on all aspects of an on-the-job injury. Part I of the guide discusses the process workers and their employers need to follow in order to file a claim and obtain medical treatment and compensation. Part I also examines work injuries involving pre-existing conditions, how problems with a claim are handled, how injured workers can go about obtaining legal representation and what they can do to help their attorney reach a successful outcome.

Part II of the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide completely details workers’ compensation benefits and examines jurisdiction, types of insurance and what are called ‘bad-faith’ lawsuits, or what occurs in the event an insurance company ignores or misleads an injured worker.

“We wanted to provide this kind of one-stop resource to all types of workers so they could better understand workers’ comp benefits and the process for obtaining them,” comments R. Mack Babcock, Denver attorney representing injured workers and founder of the Babcock Law Firm. “With this all-in-one guide, workers can have a better understanding of what should happen and know when they need to obtain legal representation.”

Workers’ compensation laws in Colorado can be quite complex and difficult for injured workers and their families to understand. This complexity undoubtedly works to the advantage of employers and insurers. While the goal of the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide is to explain these processes and laws in a straightforward manner, it is not intended to serve as a replacement for legal counsel.

“The sheer complexity of workers’ comp laws stack the deck against injured workers even further,” explains Babcock. “Even though the guide provides valuable information that would be difficult to know otherwise, hiring an attorney is by far the surest way for injured workers to obtain ALL of the benefits they qualify for.”

Download your copy of the Babcock Law Firm’s comprehensive Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide by visiting https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/Images/Babcock_Law_Firm-Guide_to_Colorado_Workers_Compensation.pdf.

Or learn more about Denver workers’ compensation attorneys at the Babcock Law Firm today by visiting https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/ or calling (303) 683-5033.

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Representing injured workers and drivers across Colorado, the Babcock Law Firm has the experience and commitment to winning justice for clients. Workers’ compensation, personal injury, car accidents and insurance disputes are a few of the areas the Babcock Law Firm helps clients obtain compensation. Victims pay nothing until a successful recovery is made. Committed to preserving our environment as well, the Colorado workers’ compensation firm uses green best practices in its everyday operations. The firm welcomes inquiries about cases in Colorado falling within its practice areas. Submit your case details and learn more about working with a lawyer. Visit the Denver workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys online at https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/ to learn more.

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Workers Compensation  |  Aurora
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A big thanks to everyone
Workers Compensation  |  Greeley
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