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Colorado Attorney for Injured Truck Drivers Wins Workers’ Compensation Case for Trucker Injured On the Job

R. Mack Babcock, Esq. wins over $300,000 in Colorado workers’ compensation benefits and financial settlements for injured truck driver

Littleton, Colo. – August 24, 2009 - Colorado attorney for injured truck drivers R. Mack Babcock announced today the successful outcome of a workers’ compensation and insurance bad faith suit for a truck driver injured on the job in July 2007. After much deliberation and considerable inconvenience to the injured driver caused by the offending parties, the Babcock Law Firm (https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/) was able to secure approximately $310,000 in workers’ compensation benefits and financial settlements for its client from his employer and its occupational accident insurance provider.

Many trucking and cab companies across Colorado and the U.S. hire their drivers as independent contractors to avoid paying certain taxes and providing certain benefits. However, Colorado workers’ compensation laws require that in order for the independent contractor designation to be valid, drivers must be covered by the employer through a workers' compensation policy or by a non-workers' compensation policy that provides benefits at least as good as Colorado workers' compensation benefits.

“Unfortunately, many Colorado truck drivers don’t realize they are entitled to full workers’ compensation benefits and accept their employers’ explanation that they are not required to pay full medical expenses, lost wages and permanent disability benefits,” comments Babcock, a Colorado attorney who represents injured truck drivers. “Our client was misled by his employer’s insurance company into believing he only qualified for partial benefits when Colorado workers’ compensation statutes explicitly state he is entitled to the same care and benefits as a regular employee.”

After his injuries, the client was instructed by his employer to contact the company that administered the occupational accident policy. Endless delay forced the injured trucker to sell many of his valuable possessions just to stay afloat. After obtaining legal representation by the Colorado attorney for injured truck drivers, the client learned that benefits under the occupational accident policy were significantly less than he was entitled to under Colorado workers’ compensation coverage.

In addition to the workers’ compensation claim for the injured trucker, a bad faith case was also filed seeking damages against Dallas National and the employer for the way they handled the injured truck driver's claim. In the end, the defense paid in excess of $100,000 for medical treatment and $50,000 in wage loss benefits. For mishandling the workers’ compensation claim, the defense paid $10,000 in penalties and entered into a $150,000 global settlement for the Colorado bad faith insurance suit this summer.

The Babcock Law Firm has succeeded in obtaining benefits for every truck driver workers’ compensation case it has taken on, even when the injured truckers had been told by other Colorado workers’ compensation attorneys they had no case. “It’s imperative that injured truck drivers find a workers’ comp attorney who is well versed in these types of cases. We stand ready here at the Babcock Law Firm to provide the highest level of representation for injured truckers throughout Colorado.”

Truckers injured on the job in Colorado can submit their case details at https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/contact.php or call 303.683.5033 to speak to an attorney at the Babcock Law Firm. They can also learn more about Colorado workers’ compensation on the firm’s website.

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