How To Spot a Bad Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Colorado

Don’t hire a work injury attorney with these 5 red flags

If you were injured at work, you are likely under a lot of stress. Not only do you need to recover from your injuries, but you may also be worrying about how to pay your bills, whether you will lose your job, how to ensure you are receiving the best care possible, etc.

You may assume that workers’ compensation benefits are on the way, but make no mistake that insurance providers often deny claims or specific benefits. If that happens to you, the last thing you need on top of the denial and all of your other stressors is to hire an inexperienced or dishonest lawyer.

There are several warning signs that you should pay attention to before retaining an attorney.

#1: Phone calls not returned

Is a workers’ compensation attorney not returning your calls? When you do speak with the attorney, do they seem unfamiliar with the details of your case? In some cases, this could be an indication that the attorney is too busy to properly handle your claim and give your case the attention it deserves.

#2: You're not a priority

Rather than speaking with an attorney, are you only communicating with a paralegal, legal assistant, or investigator who does not have a license to practice law? It is normal for attorneys to work as a team and rely upon their staff, but you should know who you are hiring before retaining a firm, and you should have the opportunity to speak with the attorney that will be handling your case before moving forward with representation.

If you have not had the opportunity to speak with the attorney who will handle your case, you might want to seek representation elsewhere. Paralegals, legal assistants, and investigators simply don’t have the education or knowledge necessary to employ effective legal strategies or properly counsel you.

#3: The attorney isn’t honest

A good lawyer will never tell you to lie or misrepresent your injuries or the facts of your claim. If they do, something is very wrong.

#4: Other lawyers give you a different opinion

If you aren’t sure whether you feel comfortable with the attorney you’ve spoken with, seek a second opinion. Initial consultations with workers’ compensation attorneys are free, and it may take speaking to 2 or 3 attorneys to find the right fit for you and your claim.

#5: The lawyer refuses to handle difficult claims

Some lawyers will refuse to get involved in difficult claims, such as those that involve cases of uninsured employers or occupational diseases. Especially if your case involves a unique fact pattern or has complicating issues like a preexisting condition, then you need an attorney willing to tackle a difficult case.

When to consult another Colorado workers’ compensation lawyer

When hiring an attorney, you should feel confident that they will not simply file your claim and forget about it. Rather, you should feel confident that you will be guided throughout the entire process. If you are not confident of that after consulting with an attorney, you should keep looking.

If you are concerned about unethical behavior by an attorney practicing in Colorado, contact the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Regulation Counsel. You may call (303) 457-5800 or use an online complaint form.

If you haven’t found the right attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim, our doors are always open for you. We can review your case, and provide recommendations regarding how to get your claim moving in the right direction.

At The Babcock Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible outcome in your case. Let us fight for your rights. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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