Tips on Keeping Cab and Truck Drivers Safe in a Dangerous Profession

Colorado attorney R. Mack Babcock discusses ways cab and truck drivers can prevent a work injury

Cab and truck drivers truly have one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States – statistics show these two professions have one of the largest fatality rates of any occupation.  Although these jobs are among the most dangerous, there are tips and suggestions on how to stay as safe as possible. 

According to this report, cab (taxi) drivers are rated as one of the most dangerous professions with 19.7 out of 100,000 workers suffering a fatality. There are many reasons for this, including the speed at which they must travel, areas of town they have to frequent, and the large amounts of cash they are believed to carry.

Truck drivers are rated in various reports as the 8th most dangerous occupation.  Road conditions and the amount of hours on the road are two of the top reasons for this.  An average commercial driver can drive 11 hours at a time for a stretch of 8 days, or 88 hours in just over one week.  That is a lot of driving and a lot of fatigue – a combination that leads to tragic accidents, injuries and in some cases, death.

The best way to prevent a devastating work injury is to take common sense measures.
Continue reading for a few tips specific to cab and truck drivers.

Tips on keeping cab drivers as safe as possible.

  • Before you begin working with a cab company, check them out and make sure they are reputable.  Ask questions regarding their safety procedures.  When you are talking to them, if you do not get the idea that your safety is their number one priority, then I personally would not work for them.
  • A two way radio is extremely important.  Making sure you are connected to your "home base" and there is someone there to hear you at all times is crucial.
  • As a cab driver, be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Know the area you are driving like the back of your hand.  You may need to study maps and understand streets and the ins and outs of the neighborhoods.
  • Never flash or display cash.  If someone tries to get you to cash a very large bill, tell them you need to go to a store to get change.  This way they do not believe you have large amounts of cash on you.
  • Don't wear fancy jewelry such as a watch or gold chain. 
  • Some cab services have a yellow light on the top of the cab so that if trouble breaks out, you can flash the light.  Again, this is a good question to ask before you begin working for the company.
  • Many cabs will have a bullet proof partition between you and the passengers.  I personally would not work for a company that did not.  Also, some cab companies will charge a little more in order to pay for a divider.
  • Many places require the cab driver to keep a daily log sheet of exactly where they have been.  This is a great safety requirement.
  • 80 percent of all attacks are from passengers sitting directly behind the cab driver, so ask a single passenger to sit opposite of you.

Tips on keeping truck drivers as safe as possible.

Always make certain, before you head out, that your truck is in excellent working condition. 

  • FMCSA  actually says to check your mirrors every 8 seconds because of your blind spot.
  • Keep the hours you drive in one day at 11 or below.  Never drive over that limit.
  • Eat good substantial food to help keep your energy up!
  • Don't zone out! 
  • Yes, you are big man out on the road but drive safe!  Watch as you make turns and never tailgate.  It takes way too long for you to slow that big rig down!
  • You must know how to drive in cold and icy conditions.
  • Take care of yourself.  Get sleep, stop and stretch and do what needs to be done to stay alert!

If a work injury occurs, do not allow your employer to convince you that you're not entitled to full work injury benefits. Read Colorado Workers' Compensation Protection for Injured Truckers for information specific to injured truck and cab drivers and obtaining work injury benefits.

If you are a truck or cab driver who has been injured in an accident, please contact Colorado work injury attorney R. Mack Babcock and associates today for a free consultation

For more information about reporting a work injury or maximum benefit rates, please continue browsing our knowledge center and blog.

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