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Collisions with Pedestrians and Bicycles

Automobiles have to share the roads with pedestrians and bicycles, and this fact has been the cause of more than one tragic collision. Whether it’s mountain bikes on country roads or cyclists and pedestrians in cities, you are always likely to be sharing the road with non-motorized vehicles.

Unfortunately, this situation creates even more hazards on the road for both motorists and their non-motored counterparts.

Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

In an ideal world, there would be clean, well-kept sidewalks along every roadside and crosswalks with maintained lights at every corner, and everyone could be trusted to follow all of the appropriate signals. Unfortunately, in the real world, cars and pedestrians don’t have such a simple relationship on the road.

As with other types of car accidents, the key is figuring out who was negligent, and then proving that fact. Pedestrians have a legal obligation to obey rules and traffic signals as much as drivers do, so acts like jaywalking, crossing against the light or attempting to cross a highway that is clearly marked, “no pedestrians” are all violations of the law.

On the other side of the coin though, the pedestrian accident can easily be the fault of the driver. If the pedestrian involved was following all applicable rules of the road, then driver negligence is usually the assumed cause of the accident.

Sadly, driving while intoxicated is another common cause for car wrecks involving pedestrians. A driver with a slowed reaction time may not see a pedestrian crossing the road in time to stop, even if they’re crossing legally.

Pedestrians struck by automobiles frequently require the assistance of an attorney familiar with these kinds of accidents. Car insurance companies are notorious for employing tactics that allow them to avoid paying damages when a pedestrian is struck by a policy-holder.

Car Accidents Involving Bicycles

As with collisions involving pedestrians, motorists generally have less chance of injury when colliding with bicycles. The fact that cyclists are in more danger doesn’t negate the fact that they can and do make dangerous mistakes on the road.

When bicycles attempt to pass a row of stopped cars near an intersection, for example, they create a dangerous situation both for themselves and for those waiting at the intersection. These sorts of dangers may be compounded by cyclists neglecting to wear helmets, as the Colorado laws don’t require helmet use. Because cyclists are often not wearing helmets, something as simple as opening the door of your car while it is parked alongside a roadway can cause an extreme hazard.

When there is a car wreck involving a bicycle and an automobile, situations like a parked car with an open door are rarely the cause though. Instead, these car wrecks often occur at intersections, usually when either the driver or the cyclist fails to obey the appropriate right of way rules.

In these cases, fault lies with the person who ignored right of way, regardless of whether that person is driving a car or a bicycle. Anyone injured in such an accident due to someone else’s negligence is legally entitled to recourse for their related medical bills, and should consider seeking the assistance of an experienced Colorado car accident attorney.

When to Call a Denver Car Accident Attorney

Both of the situations outlined here will put you on tricky ground legally, and may make it more difficult than usual to obtain restitution for your property damage and medical bills. Car accidents of this type are not the norm for the legal system or for insurance companies.

An experienced Colorado car accident attorney can help you find your way through the complex legalities of these types of collisions and receive the reimbursement you deserve.

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**NOTE – this article and all content at Injurylawcolorado.com is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice

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