Most Common Car Accident Injuries

According to the NHTSA, every year approximately three million people in the United States are injured in car accidents. The injuries resulting from these accidents can range from mild to extremely debilitating. The outcome of some injuries will unfortunately be death.

The type and severity of the damages a person obtains during the accident depends on several of the factors listed below:

  • Was the individual wearing a seatbelt?
  • Did an airbag deploy during the accident?
  • How was the person hit? From the side, rear or front?
  • Was it a high or low speed collision?

Injuries are generally classified as either an impact or penetrating injury. An impact injury is when a part of the person's body hits a part of the car, like the side door or dashboard. A penetrating injury is when a person receives cuts or scrapes that are often caused by flying objects in the car or shattered glass.

When a person is involved in an accident, sometimes they may not realize they are hurt. Some symptoms may not rear their ugly heads for months later. It is advisable to have a physician observe you following a car accident.

Below are a few of the many different types of injuries a person may suffer as a result of their collision:

  • Neck Injuries – This is the most common type of vehicle injury. Sometimes a person may experience mild neck issues such as whiplash. This is when the head suddenly shakes forward or to the side and causes the ligaments in the neck to become strained. A more severe neck ailment may occur when there is a disc herniation which leads to surgery or physical therapy.

  • Back Injuries – Lower back injuries are the most common back issue experienced during crashes. Some of the issues may be mild strains or misaligned or slipped discs that can cause discomfort, while other back problems could be more serious and could lead to chronic pain and loss of mobility.

  • Internal Injuries – These can be some of the worst injuries due to the serious impact on internal organs including your bowels, kidneys, liver, lungs, heart and aorta. Often surgery is required and also death can result due to serious internal injury.

  • Facial – These can range from mild cuts and scrapes, to face deformation.

  • Psychological Trauma – Never underestimate the severity of psychological injuries that can be suffered as a result of an accident. If a person has witnessed a death or serious injury, they often can suffer from extreme emotional distress and depression.

  • Broken Bones – This can result in needing a cast to heal the fractured bone or even possible surgery. Sometimes metal screws or plates may be necessary. Compound fractures, where the bone penetrates the skin and sticks out, are common in serious accidents. This must be handled very carefully due to the high risk of infection.

  • Leg and Knee Injuries – These types of wounds can range from serious fractures to bruises and are often caused by the leg or knee hitting the side door or dashboard. Knees often suffer meniscus tears due to the sudden twisting and turning they experience during a crash.

  • Head Injuries – These can be mild to extremely severe, where there is actual brain damage involved. A concussion is the mildest form of brain injury but there can be serious complications such as deep lacerations that cause fluid and tissue inside the brain to be damaged due to the sudden impact and movement of the head.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Nerve cells are often destroyed in the spinal area when disc material, bone fragments or ligaments bruise or tear the spinal cord tissue and can cause damage to the spinal cord that can lead to a loss of function or feeling.

If you or a loved one have experienced a car accident resulting mild to serious recovery, contact Denver's experienced car accident attorney Mack Babcock for a free consultation. Mack and his skilled legal team is here to seek justice for Colorado car accident victims who suffer due to the carelessness of other drivers.

While the Babcock Law Firm tirelessly works to obtain successful outcomes for its clients, prior positive outcomes are no guarantee of future success. Indicating prior positive results is in no way intended to guarantee future results.

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