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Common Causes of Construction Site Car Accidents

Construction sites can be incredibly dangerous, especially those that are roadside. When there are mistakes in road construction zones, both workers and motorists can be seriously injured. Depending on the situation, either government agencies or the construction company can be responsible for footing the bill.

Below you'll find examples of the most common mistakes that can lead to car accidents in a construction zone.

Improper Signage

In order to ensure that motorists are safe when traveling through roadside construction zones, there must be ample warning that said construction site is approaching. Federal and state regulations require certain levels of signage that construction sites should use. For instance, where the signs should be placed and how many signs are needed to keep the public safe is determined by law. If it is proven that there was a failure to oblige by these laws which led to injuries, damage or death, then the fault may rest with the construction company or agency.

Sharp Turns

Certain construction projects may require motorists to change paths around or through the construction. There are regulations in place to ensure motorists make these turns at a safe speed and angle. Accidents can easily happen if motorists are required to make overly sudden or sharp turns.

Unsafe Pavement & Road Conditions

Uneven pavement is often a by-product of road construction; however, failing to mark uneven pavement is potentially hazardous. States are allowed to have their own regulations, but any ridge over a certain height must be properly marked so that motorists know to proceed with caution and reduce their speed.

There are instances where even after construction has finished, road conditions can pose potential hazards to drivers. Even if the construction is completed, the road "owner" (generally the state) can still be held responsible for the poor conditions caused by improper maintenance.

Construction Zone Personal Injury Cases

While construction workers should be covered by workers' compensation insurance that the company is legally obligated to provide and therefore the injured worker is exempt from having to prove fault, challenging personal injury cases can arise from construction zone accidents that cause harm or damage to motorists and passersby.

Winning these types of lawsuits relies on the plaintiff being able to prove one of the following:

  1. Duty to Keep the Zone Safe

    For the most part, the duty to keep the construction zone safe lies with the construction company. But what actually constitutes a 'safe' construction zone? There are two answers: First, all construction companies must follow federal and state regulations, and therefore failing to follow any of these requirements would be considered negligence; second, if the conditions surrounding the construction zone are unfavorable, the company should take precautions that are above and beyond what is required of them.

  2. Breach of Duty

    Failing to uphold the duty to keep construction zones safe for both workers and motorists constitutes neglect. For instance, giving motorists enough warning (typically a quarter of a mile) about the construction ahead is one such legal obligation, and failing to do so is considered a breach of the duty of care and negligence. In this instance, a breach would hold the company liable.

  3. Breach Leading to Harm

    For personal injury cases to be successful, the plaintiff must be able to provide evidence that the negligence of the defendant (the construction company) led to their injury or harm. Common damages in construction zone car accidents include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, loss of normal life, as well as emotional pain and suffering.

If you've been involved in an auto accident in a Colorado construction zone, we strongly encourage you to contact The Babcock Law Firm for a free consultation. Find out more information about construction zone accidents, worker's compensation and our other practice areas by browsing our blog and knowledge center.


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