Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

“I fell at work and hurt my back... help!”

Workplace injuries happen in a wide variety of scenarios, and many of those accidents can be classified as "slip and fall" incidents when employees trip or lose their footing while working. Unfortunately, when work gets busy and deadlines must be met, safety often becomes a lower priority.

Slipping, tripping, and falling at work is more common than many people realize. The types of injuries suffered in these mishaps can also be more serious than the victim knows or the company wants to admit.  Unless the injury clearly resulted in a serious head injury, broken bone or a mobility problem, injured workers often hope for the best after suffering from a slip and fall accident and do not initially report an injury. This can lead to the denial of benefits.

It’s important for both employees and employers alike to understand when and where slip and fall accidents most commonly occur so that they can prevent a possible tragedy. It’s also important that these accidents be promptly reported and handled appropriately. If you or a loved one have already been injured, it’s important to know your rights when it comes to workers’ compensation.

Common causes of work-related slip and falls

Inclement weather

Slip and fall injuries happen more often on ice and snow in the winter season, especially in states like Colorado. Statistics associated with slip and fall injuries clearly indicate a significant spike in injury claims due to cold weather conditions.

At work, icy conditions may make employees move more cautiously and pay closer attention while walking, but the cold weather might also entice others to move quickly to stay warm. Poor footing can be a real issue in icy conditions, and paying close attention to walkways can be vital to avoiding an injury.

Elevated work areas

Working in elevated areas makes a potential slip and fall accident more dangerous. The construction industry is where most fatal falls occur. Statistics show that nearly 400 deaths occur annually from construction industry falls.

These injuries can be avoidable if employers implement appropriate safety measures in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employers consider safety training and tools an unnecessary expense to their business. This type of thinking is flawed, and often to the detriment of employees.

Wet floors

The most common workplace slip and fall injuries occur on wet walking surfaces, especially when water is used to keep a work area clean as part of the production process. For example, this is typical in food manufacturing plants that employ in-house food safety monitors. Sanitation is important, but as a consequence it can cause wet floors.

At all places of employment, safety shoes and work boots aren’t always utilized or effective, and it’s easy to slip and fall at any point during a work shift. This fact, combined with strict production schedules that encourage employees to stay in motion, results in a higher risk of slip and fall injury due to workplace conditions.

Slip and falls: No laughing matter

Slip and falls are often depicted as a source of comedy, especially when it seems that no one has been seriously injured. However, they can be very dangerous.

Workers’ compensation claims stemming from slip and fall injuries at work are more expensive than most companies want to admit. In fact, workplace slip and fall claims are over 30 percent more costly than other accidents. Many times, serious head and skeletal injuries occur and end up affecting the injured employee for the rest of their life. A significant number of deaths happen in the workplace from slips and falls, too.

In short, a slip and fall is nothing to laugh at or be embarrassed about. It happens to almost everyone sooner or later, and injuries arising from slip and fall accidents at work should be taken just as seriously as any other type of workplace accident.

Contact a Denver workers’ compensation attorney

If you were injured at work, contact a compassionate and experienced workers’ compensation attorney at the Babcock Law Firm. We have a long track record of demanding justice for our clients.

Slip and fall injuries can last a lifetime, and you only have one shot at receiving fair and full compensation. An aggressive and knowledgeable attorney at The Babcock Law Firm can make that opportunity count. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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