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When Colorado Doctors & Nurses Are Hurt On The Job: Workers’ Compensation for Healthcare Workers

When doctors and nurses are the ones injured on the job, the Babcock Law Firm helps them get the compensation they deserve.

When doctors and nurses are putting in long hours helping their patients, things can sometimes go wrong. While most people think about injuries in the context of a doctor or nurse accidentally harming a patient (medical malpractice), those medical professionals can suffer their own injuries in some instances.

In Colorado, when nurses or doctors are hurt on the job, they are entitled to some recovery. In order to get the compensation they deserve, an injured worker must properly file their workers' compensation claim from the start.

Given the vital role that medical professionals play in society, it's critical that they get the best possible legal representation when they themselves are hurt on the job. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can make sure you're protected if you fall into this category.

Common injuries for nurses and doctors

Around 18 million people work in the medical field. Doctors and nurses can be exposed to a host of different dangers and hazards. In fact, in 2011, U.S. hospitals recorded more work-related injuries and illnesses that caused employees to miss work than workers in construction or manufacturing.

The top 5 causes of injury among hospital workers are:

  • Overexertion
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Contact with objects
  • Violence
  • Exposure to substances

Some of the most common injuries for medical professionals are related to overexertion. Simply put, working in the medical field is difficult and stressful. It is common for nurses, in particular, to develop musculoskeletal disorders when they have to put in long hours. Many will experience back and neck problems, for instance. These conditions can be associated with lengthy periods of standing and walking.

In addition, healthcare workers are exposed to particular dangers that are unique to the job they're doing. You won't find many other fields where a person can be stuck with a needle on the job. This is commonplace in hospitals, so workers who are hurt can often receive compensation.

Slip and falls are also a major concern. While most hospitals do their best to keep working environments safe and clean, no facility is perfect. When a nurse or doctor slips and falls, they may be entitled to workers' compensation.

Violence is also a concern. Especially for people working in mental health, it's unfortunately common to see patients resort to physical violence.

What can a medical worker do to get compensation after an on-the-job injury?

Colorado has a system of workers' compensation designed to provide payment for people who are hurt on the job.

Rather than filing a lawsuit against your employer (as you might have done without the benefit of workers’ comp), you will typically have to go through a special legal process to get the compensation you deserve.

With workers' compensation in Colorado, you can receive money for your medical expenses, your lost wages and several other damages. The system is designed to be fair and efficient. Despite this design, you may benefit from having a lawyer to help ensure that things go smoothly.

Encountering problems with workers' compensation

While a perfect world would see all doctors and nurses get prompt payment when they are hurt on the job, hospitals and the insurance companies that cover them are often difficult to deal with.

Hospitals and insurance agents can sometimes delay in order to investigate the claim. They may accuse you of committing workers' comp fraud. They may simply refuse to pay out the claim in a timely manner.

If your injury claim is denied or taking too long, hiring a good lawyer should be your next step. You'll benefit from the legal expertise an attorney can offer, as well as the lawyer's ability to move your claim along more quickly. When you're out of work, getting your payment in a hurry is a major concern.

Trying to navigate the workers’ compensation system on your own will often lead to delays and mishaps. A good lawyer can ensure that hardworking medical professionals get what they need so they can get back to good health — and continue healing others.

Contact the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at the Babcock Law Firm today for your free consultation.

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