420,000 Toyotas Recalled Due to Steering Problems

Over the last couple of years, Toyota has been plagued by various problems culminating in massive recalls. Stuck accelerators proved the most dangerous, resulting in millions of vehicles being recalled. The situation was also dicey for the Japanese automaker as congressional and criminal investigations ensued over the company’s handling of the problems.

Now, steering problems in several Toyota models is leading the company to recall over 420,000 of some of the company’s more popular models.

Specifically, the recall covers 2004-2006 models of the Avalon, Camry, Highlander, Sienna and Solara models. The recall also includes the Lexus ES330, RX330 and RX400h. According to Toyota, the recall affects vehicles with the 1MZ-FE or 3MZ-FE V6 engine.

According to an ongoing investigation since ’07, some vehicles had an inadequate amount of adhesive between the inner and outer ring of the crankshaft pulley. The lack of adhesive could potentially cause the outer ring to become misaligned, leading to a sudden malfunction in the vehicle’s power steering.

According to the company’s press release, drivers could hear an abnormal noise from the engine compartment if the outer ring becomes misaligned. The defective ring could also cause the alternator belt to slip on the pulley, resulting in decreased power. Eventually, all the battery power could be depleted.

The automaker is currently working to get the necessary parts to fix the problem. Affected owners will not be notified until January 2012 after which they can bring their vehicles into a dealer for inspection and repair of the crankshaft pulley.

Affected models include:

  • 2004 Avalon
  • 2004-2005 Camry, Highlander, Sienna and Solara
  • 2006 Highlander HV
  • 2005 Lexus ES330 and RX330
  • 2006 Lexus RX400h

Owners of these models are urged to contact Toyota with any questions or issues. Toyota can be reached by calling (800) 331-4331 and Lexus by calling (800) 255-3987.

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