How to Take Pictures for Evidence After Your Colorado Car Accident

Photographs are among the best possible evidence you can gather after you’ve been involved in a car accident. These photos can provide a way to backup damage claims, show the severity of those damages or injuries, and build a case for compensation.

Taking the right photos, however, is very important for building a successful accident claim. Here are some tips to help you take accident photos that cover all the bases.

How Many Photos to Take

Take as many pictures as possible at the scene of an accident, so long as you’re able. It’s also important to take a variety of photos from many different angles and distances in order to create a complete picture of the circumstances of the accident and the aftermath.

Which Photos to Take

While you should take many different photos, here are several you should strive to capture:

  • Your vehicle (from all sides), including parts that may not be damaged
  • Damaged parts of your vehicle from many different angles and distances
  • License plates of both your vehicle and any other vehicles involved
  • Any interior damage your vehicle suffered
  • The immediate area where the accident took place, including road signs, construction areas or any other factor that could have contributed to the accident or points to a violation
  • Skid marks or other marks that document the crash
  • The general environment—even photos of the weather outside at the time of the accident—can tell a story about how the accident occurred

Other Accident Photo Tips

There are a few other things to keep in mind when taking photos of a car accident.

First, keep the natural sunlight in mind and use a flash only when necessary or to show more detail. Second, most smartphones timestamp photos automatically; however, if you’re using a digital camera, make sure that you turn on the timestamp feature or write down the time and date the photo was taken.

Once you take the pictures, an attorney can use them to help determine if you are eligible to receive compensation for your damages. The Babcock Law Firm in Colorado is fully experienced in car accident cases, and we’re ready to win your case so that you may recover sooner.

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