Defective Airbags Leads to Recall of America’s Best Selling Truck

Under increasing pressure from government regulators, Ford and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced they’re expanding a recall of the popular F-150 pickup…approximately 1.2 million 2004-2006 model year F-150s are affected.

Reported electrical shorts were causing airbags in some of these vehicles to deploy without warning, causing injuries in some. No deaths have been reported from these airbag deployments.

The F-150 is one of the most popular selling vehicles on the market and constitutes a good slice of Ford’s business.

Company officials in Dearborn, Michigan said affected owners should be receiving notices in May. If you receive a notice, go to the nearest Ford dealer to have air bag wiring in the steering wheel replaced.

While no collisions have occurred from the sudden deployment of an airbag, Ford and the NHTSA have received reports of 269 deployments resulting in 98 injuries, some of which are serious.

Last May, Ford reported incidents and injuries to the NHTSA – burns, bruises, neck and back pain were some of the most common injuries – and even a couple of chipped teeth and elbow fractures.

Airbags shouldn’t be the only means you protect yourself while driving

For some (young children and the elderly), airbags do pose some danger. Many vehicles, including the F-150, have a shut off for the airbag. I for one keep my passenger airbag shut off at all times.

In the end, wearing your seatbelt and practicing defensive driving are the best ways to keep yourself safe on the roads.

With crowded highways and other dangers on streets and in neighborhoods, staying aware of your surroundings and being careful are the best ways to prevent injury on the road.

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