Scooter Safety Tips and Your Legal Rights

Scooters are a very attractive transportation option. They get great gas mileage. They’re easier to handle than a motorcycle but faster than a bicycle. They’re also fun vehicles to drive and relatively inexpensive.

Before you run out and buy one, you should also be aware of a few important points:

  1. Scooters don’t have safety features that are standard in cars (i.e. seatbelts, air bags, etc.).
  2. They don’t have the stability that most motorcycles have on the road.

Staying Safe on Your Scooter

In order to stay safe on the road on a scooter or moped, follow these tips:

  • Wear a helmet. You may be having flashbacks of your mom telling you this as a kid, and now we’re telling you too. Don’t underestimate the importance of a helmet. The CDC estimates that “helmets reduce the risk of death by 37%” and head injury by 69%.
  • Drive smart. Like motorcycles, scooters are often hard for people to see. However, scooters can be even more dangerous than motorcycles because they are significantly quieter. Not only can you get in a car or truck’s blind spot easily, but the driver may not hear you either. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to leave extra space around you and to follow all road rules—use your turn signal, avoid weaving in and out of cars and drive the speed limit.
  • Attract Attention. Because driving a scooter makes it harder for people to see you, it’s advisable to wear bright clothing and reflectors to make yourself more noticeable on the road. This extra visibility is especially important when driving at night.

Colorado Scooter Laws

In Colorado, you don’t need a special license to drive a scooter unless the engine is larger than 50 CCs. If it’s more powerful than that, the scooter will be classified as a motorcycle and you’ll be required to get a motorcycle license. You do, however, need to register your scooter. To find out more and see what documents are required for registration, click here.

Even though you’re on a scooter, you still have the same rights as other vehicles on the road. If you’ve been involved in a scooter or moped accident, talk with a skilled Colorado accident attorney at the Babcock Law Firm about your case.

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