Teen Driving – Safely Enjoying that First Freedom from Home

Every one of us remembers when we got our first drivers’ license and the feeling we had. Excitement, sense of accomplishment and feeling like a grown-up are just a few we can name…

As with any new chapter in life though, there are risks, and driving presents a lot of risks to teens and newly licensed drivers – too often, we hear of a high school junior or senior senselessly killed in a car accident.

The best way to avoid tragedy like this is proper education and understanding the responsibility driving carries

Part of the experience for both parents and teens is learning how to drive. While parent-child training is invaluable in many ways, a good drivers’ education program will certainly provide the training and information necessary to drive safely once you’re licensed.

Colorado has several certified schools dedicated to providing the best education for new drivers.

Of course, Colorado uses a graduated system for licensing drivers – any new drivers must have a learner’s permit for at least six months before being issued a regular drivers’ license. The learner’s permit is designed for teen drivers to get practical driving experience under the supervision of an adult.

Keeping your focus on the road

One thing you will hear a lot about is distracted driving – texting, talking on the phone, or even drinking a soda – can cause you to shift your primary focus from driving.

In fact, distracted driving leads to more fatal car accidents than DUI in Colorado!

If you’re a parent reading this, lead by example. Don’t use your cell phone while driving, and explain to your child the importance of being in full control of the vehicle.

Speaking of full control of the vehicle, we can’t stress the importance of not drinking and driving. Even though it’s a problem affecting all age groups, teens are at higher risk because of the fact older drivers have more experience behind the wheel.

If you’re a parent, these are just a few of the things you really need to stress with your teen. Other things like driving in busy areas or parallel parking will grow naturally. Being sure they understand the dangers and risk of distracted and drunk driving is equally vital.

If you’re a teen just getting your license, let me first say congratulations. Being able to drive is an incredible milestone in your life, but one that comes with an awesome responsibility. If you keep basic traffic laws in mind, and do not drive distracted or intoxicated, you should be able to enjoy driving for many years to come.

To learn more about safe teen driving, check out our knowledge center piece – Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe on Colorado’s Roads – today!

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