No Increase in 2015 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums


Colorado employers were granted a reprieve this year when it comes to the cost of workers’ compensation insurance premiums. For many employers, their workers’ comp premiums will not increase ‘loss costs’ for 2015—a first since 2010. What Are ‘Loss Costs’? A loss cost is the baseline (typically variable) rates that insurance companies use to determine a company’s premiums. Several variables influence what the loss costs for workers’ comp insurance will be. These variables... Read More

Colorado Appellate Court Awards Volunteer Workers’ Comp after Car Accident


An appellate court in Colorado has ruled that an injured search-and-rescue volunteer is eligible for workers’ comp benefits after he was injured in a car crash while going to meet a fire chief. According to news reports, Michael Smith, the president and incident commander of Teller County (Colorado) Search and Rescue, was injured when he was involved in a head-on collision while traveling to meet with the fire chief in May 2013. Typically, volunteers for search-and-rescue for Teller Co.... Read More

When Your Job Costs You an Arm or a Leg: Differences in Workers’ Compensation Benefits


If you had to put a price tag on one of your limbs – your arm or leg – how much would you say? While it may be an odd subject to think about, ProPublica—a group of independent journalists working to report on various topics in the best interest of the public—has worked to calculate a compensation figure for losing body parts while on the job. These calculations, though a bit morbid, convey the surprising differences in compensation of a lost body part across the state lines. Why is... Read More

Tips on Reporting a Work Related Injury


Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp, is designed to protect the injured worker.  Medical expenses, lost wages and, if necessary, training or rehab for a new type of job are some of the remunerations made available by workers’ comp coverage. However, in order to earn these benefits, first you must make sure to follow some important guidelines when reporting your injury. Below are just a few basics to consider: Always report your injury in writing. This is a very... Read More