Mack Babcock Profiled in Colorado Trial Talk® Magazine

The Babcock Law Firm is pleased to announce that our founder Mack Babcock was recently highlighted lawyer in June/July issue of Trial Talk®. Trial Talk is a bi-monthly trade magazine published by the Colorado Trial Lawyers’ Association (CTLA).

Each issue highlights one of CTLA’s EAGLE members. This is what CTLA says about EAGLE:

For over 30 years, the EAGLE program has supported the political and legislative activities on behalf of trial attorneys. CTLA lobbyists work around the clock in the legislature, reviewing bills, building strong coalitions, conducting grassroots outreach and educating lawmakers.

Mack Babcock is a proud EAGLE member who believes in working for clients that are being bullied by insurance companies, big corporations and others. Growing up, Mack experienced intense bullying from other boys.

In the Trial Talk article, Mack tells a story about how one good friend changed everything:

In early fourth grade I met “Eddie O.,” who remains to this day my oldest and closest friend. One of my earliest memories of Eddie and our friendship happened about three months into fourth grade. I was on the playground one day after school surrounded by a handful of boys who stood ready to inflict some additional emotional damage (and maybe some physical damage if the mood was right). Between us stood Eddie who refused to let the bullies get after his friend.

The memory of Eddie sticks in my memory for two reasons. One, Eddie certainly didn’t need our friendship. He was good at sports, was well liked and had lots of friends. Despite that, at only nine years old Eddie knew what was right and that his friend needed his help. Over the years Eddie took a lot of grief for it, but he always stood on the side of our friendship. The second is that I remember then and there deciding that I wanted to be the one standing up to the bullies. I wanted to be somebody’s Eddie.

Because of Eddie’s positive influence, Mack decided to practice law and help others deal with tough situations like cases of insurance bad faith and workers’ compensation. He has now spent the past 9 years being an “Eddie” to hundreds of clients and has become a very respected and knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer in Colorado.

To learn more about Mack’s personal journey, read the full press release.

If you are a victim of bullying by an insurance company or corporation, contact us today to discuss your case. We want to help you get fair treatment and the compensation you deserve.

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