Coloradans Get to Keep an Eye on Their Lawmakers

On Monday, January 21, 2008, the Colorado House of Representatives began live television broadcasts of its proceedings. The broadcasts are available on Comcast channel 165 and on the internet at coloradochannel.net. The broadcasts will be replayed on cable daily and will be archived on the internet. The broadcasts were made possible through private donations of approximately $200,000. Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff said the purpose of the broadcasts is to make Colorado’s government more transparent. Colorado joins more than 30 other states that broadcast at least some of their legislative proceedings.

The Babcock Law Firm applauds this latest move by the Colorado House of Representatives. While audio broadcasts of many of the Colorado General Assembly’s proceedings have long been available, television broadcasts are an even further step towards government transparency. Coloradans will be able to see the legislators they elect in action and obtain a greater understanding of how our elected representatives impact our lives.

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