10 Strange U.S. Laws Still in Effect Today

Lawmakers throughout U.S. history have worked hard to create groundbreaking and innovative laws geared at sustaining American ideals. Despite all the hard work and good intentions of lawmakers, strange U.S. laws can still be found and laughed at by individuals with a good sense of humor.

For instance, here in Colorado, if you want to change the weather, you’ll need a permit according to Business Insider.

Perhaps, some of these laws are odd because they were written decades ago, or perhaps their peculiarity stems from lack of legal context. Regardless, we hope you enjoy the following strange laws that are still in effect across the U.S.:

  1. You can’t eat a frog that died during a jumping contest in California.
  2. In Minnesota, you may be in legal trouble if you participate in a game that includes chasing a greased pig.
  3. Bingo fans are limited to less than 5 hours of game play in North Carolina.
  4. Ohio specifically requires coal-mining companies to provide adequate amounts of toilet paper per toilet.
  5. Hunting with a ferret is prohibited in West Virginia.
  6. Don’t even think about using x-rays to determine shoe size in Nevada.
  7. It is an official law in Wisconsin (America’s Dairyland) that butter and cheeses be “highly pleasing.”
  8. If you’re in Alabama and thinking about wrestling a bear, think again. It’s illegal, not to mention insanely dangerous!
  9. You’re going to need a permit to feed pigs garbage in Arizona.
  10. Delaware says no to the selling or trading of cat and dog fur.

Laws are meant to protect the rights of citizens and to create an environment of peace and harmony for all. We may laugh at the laws above, but in truth many of these laws were created with the safety and happiness of citizens across the U.S.

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