Colorado Vietnam Vet and Cancer Patient Loses Insurance Over 2 Cents

Ronald Flanagan, a Denver resident and Vietnam veteran, has been struggling with bone marrow cancer for over a couple of years now.

Doctors have determined he needs a third stem cell transplant surgery to correct the problem. But while waiting for a bone biopsy at a Denver hospital, Flanagan’s wife Frances received unsettling news from the couple’s insurance company, Ceridian Cobra Services.

Because Frances mistook a 9 for a 7 and thus paid $0.02 under what was due, the Flanagan’s COBRA coverage was immediately cancelled.

COBRA is a federal law which allows people who are laid off from their jobs to continue paying for health insurance. Although it’s very expensive and slightly more than standard health insurance, it allows laid off workers to maintain health coverage.

“Everybody we talk to is very surprised that 2 cents is enough to do this,” Frances told Denver ABC affiliate KMGH-TV.

While Ceridian is claiming they followed all laws and regulations and gave the Flanagan’s the proper grace periods, Ron and Frances claim they never received any notice from the insurance company.

Ron Flanagan was scheduled to undergo his stem cell transplant surgery at the end of February before finding out earlier this month his insurance had been cancelled. His bone marrow cancer is believed to be linked to his service in Vietnam and the defoliant Agent Orange.

Once investigative reporters from ABC contacted Ceridian, the situation had been resolved. The Flanagan’s now again have insurance. Ron is now trying to get back on schedule with his cancer treatments. We wish him the best.

See video below…

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