Avoiding Holiday Decorating Accidents

Just because it’s around the holiday season doesn’t mean that we’re any less susceptible to personal injury accidents. In fact, given the time of year, injuries cases typically increase due to winter weather. Accidents often occur around this time of year because as people become so busy running around trying to complete pre- and post-holiday tasks. These tasks can lead to serious accidents, such as falling while trying to put up or take down holiday decorations.

Slip and falls make up the leading cause of death inside the home with around 6,000 fatalities each year. Falls inside the home are very preventable if precautions are taken while participating in certain activities.

Here are some surprising decorating injury statistics according to the CDC:

Holiday Safety Tips

Don’t want to be a statistic? Here are some tips for staying safe while putting up or taking down holiday decorations this year:

From the attorneys at The Babcock Law firm, we hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. If you were injured in the course of your festivities because of the negligence of an individual or business, contact us today for a free consultation.

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