How to Bike Safely in Colorado

Every year over 700,000 Colorado visitors have bicycling on their vacation bucket list.  Really, that is no surprise for such a beautiful and pristine state.  Not only do the visitors enjoy it, but many residents of Denver and other surrounding cities do it on a regular basis.  What a great form of exercise as well as a wonderful transportation source for many.  However, we all know it comes with a risk.  How can one best be safe while enjoying a brisk Colorado bike ride?

Manufacturing and retailing of bikes as well as bicycle tourism is a $1 billion dollar economic business in Colorado. Needless to say, that has made it necessary for Colorado to be a bike friendly state.  Although Denver ranked number one in most dangerous city for pedestrians, in 2013, our state was 2nd on the list of bike friendly states.  This means they are doing their part in keeping the state as safe as possible for cyclists.

But, how can you as a cyclist make sure you are doing your part in keeping yourself safe on the road?

  • Always wear your helmet – No Exceptions!
  • Stay in the same direction as the traffic.  You may be tempted to want to face and see the traffic but it is best to ride in the same direction with the cars.
  • Act like a vehicle! This means use the same rules such as stopping at stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, and stopping at red lights.
  • When you are near a parked car, ride a good door width away from the car to avoid getting hit if a door is opened.
  • You must use turn signals.  Meaning, point to where you are heading and do so at least 100 feet before making your turn.
  • Have as much eye contact as possible with a vehicle near you.  Make sure they have seen your signal.  Don’t just assume they did.
  • Ride as far to the right as possible.
  • Bicyclecolorado.org offers some great tips and videos on bike safety in this city.

So whether you are here enjoying 25 different scenic byways available in Colorado or biking to work, keep these safety tips in mind!

If you have been injured while riding your bike due to a negligent driver or other factors, call attorney R. Mack Babcock, a cyclist himself, for a free consultation.

Also, to understand more about biking and pedestrian related accidents check out our blog as well as our knowledge center. Wear your helmet, obey the rules and stay safe!  Happy biking!

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