Rehabilitation After a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are almost always life-altering.

SCIs can be minor enough that you may only need the assistance of a walker or wheelchair, or they can be extreme, leaving you completely dependent on others for care – or they can be varying degrees in-between. No matter the extent of the injury, a long rehabilitation process is inevitable.

To understand the process better, you must first understand the two phases of treatment: the acute phase and the rehabilitation phase. The acute phase begins immediately following the injury and lasts until you are considered stable. Once you’re in stable condition, the rehabilitation phase begins and lasts until you have reached your full physical potential.

The acute phase is just as important as the rehabilitation phase (if not even more so). How quickly you receive proper care after a spinal cord injury can make a huge difference in how quickly and well you will recover, so it’s important to seek medical help right away.

Often, it’s difficult to determine the extent of a spinal injury until the initial shock wears off and the swelling goes down. This process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Once the extent of your injuries is determined and everything is stabilized, you’ll begin the rehabilitation process. The goal of rehabilitation is to help you regain as much function and control over your body as possible. Since every injury and body is different, this process can be somewhat unique to your situation, but here are some common goals of rehabilitation:

  • Help you understand the extent of your injuries and the new limitations you have as a result of those injuries.
  • Help you determine what type of long-term care you will need and who your caregiver(s) will be.
  • Work to gain as much independence as possible, learning new ways to accomplish everyday tasks like eating and getting dressed.

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