Colorado’s Most Common Personal Injury: Suffocation

Recent data shows the most commonly experienced physical injury for each US state. The chart shown below was put together by Amino, a company that examines electronic insurance claim data. The info is based on health insurance claims dating from 2012 to 2016.

The results from each state were compared to the nation as a whole in order to determine which injury was, indeed, the most common. Some of the answers are quite interesting, straying from what you might expect (car accidents, falls, etc.).

For example, Texas residents suffer from more insect bites than any other injury, while residents from a handful of midwestern states (Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota) are mostly injured by spine dislocations.

The most common injuries Coloradans experience are from suffocation. In fact, a total of six out of the eight states that fall within the Rocky Mountain range experience the same injury majority among their citizens: Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.

These states experience roughly 1.8 to 3.1 times more suffocation injuries than other states, and the cause is uncertain. It’s believed that many of these suffocation injuries are caused by the low blood oxygen levels associated with overexertion in the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the data here.

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