Protecting Yourself as a Chemical Plant Worker


Working at a chemical plant can be a very dangerous profession.  Proper training on adhering to serious safety precautions is vital.  Hopefully, the employer takes safety very seriously.  However, this isn’t always the case.  As a chemical plant employee, knowing how to protect yourself is crucial. There are many reasons why chemical plant accidents occur.  Human error is a large cause of many accidents, as well as equipment malfunction.  Some other causes are improper employee... Read More

Working in Colorado’s Winter Weather Conditions


The cold, frigid months of winter are here, and for many Colorado employees the work must go on, even in the freezing temperatures.  While completely shielding yourself from all cold working hazard injuries is impossible, there are some precautions you can take to protect yourself as much as possible.  Knowing how to prepare to work in wintry conditions and identify the signs of injuries are a couple keys to surviving these rough environments. Whether you’re a sanitation worker,... Read More

Keeping your Family Warm AND Safe this Winter

When the air gets crisper, everyone knows that winter is drawing near. Now that we’re into the New Year, those heaters are working in earnest, which is an ideal time to go over some safety tips. Winter is a beautiful time of year, especially in Rocky Mountain country – however, this season can also be a dangerous time for you and your family if your home’s heater isn’t in proper working order. Failure to perform routine maintenance could spark a house fire. House Fire Facts In 2013,... Read More

Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls in Snow and Ice!


Did you know that every year hundreds of people suffer serious injury or even death from taking a heavy fall due to icy and treacherous conditions?  In Colorado where we can get a lot of icy and snowy weather during the winter months, it is advisable to learn some tips and tricks on how to avoid being a victim of Mother Nature. Wear proper footwear – When you know it is an icy day, ditch the heels while walking.  You must have proper boots on that will keep you as steady as... Read More