5 Most Common Construction Site Accidents

It’s not surprising that construction and construction-related trades—like roofing—are on nearly every top ten list for most dangerous jobs—following closely behind risky industries like commercial fishing, logging, and steel workers.

At any given construction site there are countless potential sources of injury—stray nails, power tools, unsecured building material, sprained muscles, etc. And when a project manager brings in more workers to get a job done in time—along with hired contractors, inspectors, and passersby—the risk of injury becomes even higher as the number of people on a site increases.

In other words, working construction is not for the faint of heart. It’s a dangerous industry that employs some of the hardiest crews. But regardless of how tough a person is, they are still vulnerable to injury.

Five of the most common dangers that construction workers face on a day-to-day basis are:

5. Falls

There aren’t many people who are afraid of heights that get into the construction business. Crews frequently have to work in lofty places high above the ground, on scaffolding, ladders, and in windows. Just one wrong foot placement could be a life threatening mistake. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls account for over a third of all construction jobsite deaths.

4. Slips

With so many stray materials and tools lying around a jobsite, construction workers must constantly be on the lookout for things that can lead to a dangerous slip, trip, or fall. Uneven ground and potholes also add to the danger of construction sites.

3. Falling Debris

Crews working on construction sites with multiple levels face the danger of being struck by a falling object from above. Hardhats help reduce the risk of head related trauma from these incidents; however, they only offer so much head protection, and the rest of a worker’s body is vulnerable.

2. Overexertion

Doing hard labor for hours and hours in the heat of the day can quickly lead to overexertion. In particular, heat stroke, dehydration, and heat exhaustion, are just some of the serious risks construction workers must watch out for.

1. Machinery Accidents

Most crews use heavy machinery such as bulldozers, jackhammers, and cranes on a regular basis, not to mention smaller tools like nail guns and screwdrivers. These aren’t the Tonka tools you can find in the children’s toys section—they are real machines that can cause real injuries if workers aren’t wary.

A hardhat can’t protect you from everything. If you are a construction worker who was injured on a jobsite, and you have a dispute with your employer about your workers’ compensation benefits, contact a construction accident attorney immediately.

Denver attorney R. Mack Babcock will put his extensive legal experience with construction site accidents to use for you, working hard to make sure you receive just compensation. Schedule a free consultation today.

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