Babcock Law Founder Elected to WCEA Executive Board

Educating legislators and the public regarding workers’ compensation is a top priority for workers’ compensation attorneys in Colorado. The Workers’ Compensation Education Association (WCEA) is an organization in Colorado that does just that, which represents the interests of injured workers through education and lobbying.

Babcock Law Firm founder R. Mack Babcock was recently elected by his peers to a 2-year term on the Executive Board for the WCEA…this board governs the organization and its activities.

Consisting entirely of a group of injured workers’ attorneys, the WCEA represents the interests of injured workers, or claimants. They work to educate lawmakers and citizens about the workers’ compensation system in Colorado. They also help draft legislation and lobby lawmakers at the Capitol in Denver for issues pertaining to injured workers.

With this appointment, Mack will have a more direct role in issues affecting injured workers in Colorado.

“As an attorney representing injured workers, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the WCEA over the years and have really come to appreciate what they do,” comments Denver workers’ compensation attorney R. Mack Babcock. “I’m humbled by my colleagues here in Denver and around the state who felt I would be a good choice to serve on the WCEA board.”

Many other workers’ compensation attorneys have served on the WCEA Board over the years. Being appointed to the WCEA Executive Board is a crowning achievement in a workers’ comp attorney’s career. Because of this appointment, Mack will have a more hands-on role in dealing with issues affecting the clients he represents.

Learn more about Mack’s background to get an idea on why he was chosen for this important post.

And if you want to learn more about workers’ compensation in Colorado, visit the Colorado workers’ compensation knowledge center today for more information.

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