Case Involving Industrial Wood Planer Settles

Industrial and construction equipment can present many hazards to workers using them. Some of these hazards can indeed become fatal.

An industrial wood planer is one machine that can cause serious injury or even death when a piece of lumber gets kicked back. When this happens, the lumber can be traveling at a high rate of speed and be a dangerous projectile.

Two workers using an industrial planer were unfortunately killed one day when a piece of lumber was kicked back. Even more unfortunate, the plaintiff in this case was the wife of one worker and the daughter of the other.

According to reports of the case, the board traveled nearly 40 feet before striking the first worker.

Defendants in the case – United States Resources, Inc. and Coe Manufacturing Company – admitted knowledge of the planar kicking lumber back at high rates of speed. No warnings were placed near the machines and no warnings were given to the workers using the planar. The defendants also claimed they were indeed aware of guards and other safety equipment that could have prevented the accident.

Testimony obtained by the plaintiff’s legal counsel was a very significant part of the case.

Amazingly, even some of the defendant’s witnesses testified that guards should have been placed on the machine.

Other incidents involving industrial planers have occurred where the worker was seriously injured or even killed.

This case, which was filed in Jackson County, Florida and settled for a confidential amount, serves to demonstrate the very real dangers in the lumber industry and other labor-intensive occupations like construction and mining.

Following basic safety principles would go a long way toward preventing these types of accidents.

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