Colorado Workers’ Comp Insurers Now Required to Provide Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are one way we can express our likes and dislikes with our interaction with a company. You’re offered them all the time – many even provide incentives like a shopping spree or cash reward to get your input on their service and products.

Colorado workers’ compensation insurers will now have to provide a customer satisfaction survey when they admit or deny your claim in accordance with an amendment to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act passed this year by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Ritter.

If you’re injured on the job and either your employer (self-insured) or their workers’ comp insurance company will have to provide you with a way to comment on your experience no more than 30 days after a claim is closed.

Was it good? Was it bad? What could be better?

The new law went into effect earlier this summer but the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation has a sample of this survey on its website. Insurers and the general public can get a good idea of what kind of questions need to be asked on the survey.

Basically, the survey asks on a 1 to 5 scale on your experience with the company, the medical care, how promptly your claim was handled, how well disputes were handled and more.

Insurers are required to report survey results to the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation on an annual basis.

Hopefully this survey can serve as a way to improve the service an injured worker gets from a workers’ comp insurer. Over time, perhaps you will experience less difficulty in obtaining your rightful benefits.

Surveys are now required for any claim that closes after July 1, 2010.

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