Colorado Workers Compensation Change – Authorized Treating Physician

Colorado’s workers’ compensation saw a few changes effective January 1, 2008. One change is related to the injured worker’s choice of treating physician. Under Rule 8, Authorized Treating Physician, the employer or insurer must provide an injured worker with a list of designated providers, from which the person injured on the job can select a treating physician.

The new workers’ compensation rule requires that the injured worker be allowed to change physicians one time within the designated provider list, within a specific time frame. In order to change physicians, a form must be filled out and submitted to the current authorized treating physician, the physician the injured worker has selected to become the new authorized treating physician, and to the respondents’ representative(s) listed on the designated provider list.

If the worker injured on the job wishes to change providers more than once, he or she may change providers again if the respondents agree or with approval of a judge.

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