Colorado Workers’ Compensation Doctor – What if they’re not Providing the Proper Care?

In general, if you have a doctor you’re not satisfied with, simply find another one that accepts your insurance. But what can you do if the doctor your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance sent you to is not getting the job done?

While the process isn’t as simple as making a couple of phone calls, Colorado Workers’ Compensation Rules of Procedure has a mechanism to allow you to make a change if necessary. Learn more about this in a new article in the Denver Workers’ Compensation attorney’s knowledge center.

As an employee, you are entitled to the necessary medical care to cure and relieve the effects of any on-the-job injury or disease, at no charge to you. Once your doctor has determined you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI) and your employer’s insurance issues their Final Admission of Liability, you have 30 days to determine if you require more treatment.

If you do not agree with this final assessment, you have the right to request a Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME).

To request a DIME, you must file an Application for a Division Independent Medical Examination with the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation if you and your employer’s insurance cannot agree on an alternative doctor. On it, you must indicate the following:

•    Preferred geographic location for your IME examination

•    Body part(s) or medical condition, whether physical or mental, to be evaluated

•    Other physicians who have previously or are currently treating the problem

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation agency then issues a 3-doctor list where one doctor is crossed off by you, another by your employer’s insurance with the last one standing the doctor you make an appointment with.

Read What if My Workers’ Compensation Doctor is not Providing the Proper Care? for more information.

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