Healthcare Industry Ranks #1 in Workers’ Compensation Claims Filed

According to OSHA, the healthcare industry sees more worker injuries than any other type of business in the United States. Yes, you read that right. As it turns out, there are more workers’ compensation claims in healthcare than in the manufacturing or construction industries.Here are the stats on the six main causes of injured or sickened hospital workers:

  • 48% due to overexertion and bodily reaction
  • 25% due to slips, trips and falls
  • 13% caused by coming into contact with contaminants
  • 9% due to violence
  • 4% due to exposure to substances
  • 1% other reasons

As indicated above, the majority of healthcare worker injuries are due to lifting, bending, reaching and having to react quickly in the medical field.  A medical worker such as a nurse or nursing assistant has a very physically demanding job. Healthcare workers suffering from sprains and strains make up the largest amount of workers’ compensation claims.

Where Do Injuries Occur?

In 2011, hospitals reported that for every 100 employees, there were 6.8 illnesses or injuries – twice the rate reported in the private industry as a whole.

Hospitals are not the only healthcare facilities that deal with large numbers of claims though.  Dental clinics, out-patient centers, birthing facilities, home healthcare agencies, emergency medical care facilities and nursing homes all experience high rates of injuries and illnesses among workers.

Who Gets Injured?

Within hospitals and health facilities, nurses aren’t the only workers to experience the injuries either.  Medical maintenance staff, laundry workers, grounds keepers, housekeeping and food service workers are also among the high numbers of people getting injured while employed in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is a growing field that offers many great employment opportunities.  However, as with any other job, it is necessary to use precaution while working in the medical field – especially so since working in healthcare is so physically demanding and exposes employees to a variety of harmful substances.

If you have been injured during your shift and feel that your administrators or employers are not being supportive, contact experienced Colorado workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney, R. Mack Babcock, for a free case consultation.  Here at The Babcock Law Firm we fight for the justice and compensation that our clients deserve.

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