Download Comprehensive Colorado Workers’ Comp E-book for Free

We’ve all felt frustration when searching for information on topics we don’t know much about. What seems like something so simple can turn into several fruitless hours of Google searches and reading.

Well injured workers in Colorado can end their search for information on workers’ comp procedures and benefits here.

Recently, we published our long-awaited, comprehensive Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide. It’s available for download on our site for free.

If you or a loved one have been injured on-the-job, this guide will help you better understand the process for obtaining both medical and wage loss benefits. Since workers’ comp laws are inherently difficult, many injured workers end up only receiving a portion of the benefits afforded to them under the law.

To help you better understand this process and help ensure you get all of the benefits you need to fully treat your injuries and compensate you for lost time from work, workers’ comp attorneys at our Denver firm compiled this helpful guide.

In Part I, learn what you should do in the event of an on-the-job injury as well as injuries involving a pre-existing condition, or one that occurred over time and not from a specific event. Also learn about how you can go about finding legal representation and how you can help your lawyer effectively represent your interests.

In Part II, learn about specific benefits, limitations to those benefits and other important considerations.

And while our goal is to help all injured workers better understand the workers’ comp system, this guide is NOT meant to serve as a replacement for legal advice. Each situation is unique and generally requires the help of an attorney qualified and experienced in handling workers‘ comp cases in Colorado.

However, this guide can arm you with some immensely valuable information in either talking with your employer or a workers’ comp attorney.

So what are you waiting for?

Download your free copy of our comprehensive Colorado Workers’ Compensation Guide today. Or share it with a friend who’s struggling to deal with an on-the-job injury. And if you’re searching for effective representation to help you obtain your rightful benefits, contact work injury attorneys in Denver at the Babcock Law Firm today.

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