Injured Trucker Wins Workers’ Compensation Benefits

An injured trucker in Virginia was recently awarded $2.5 million in compensation for injuries he sustained in 2005.

The plaintiff was driving a delivery truck that broke down on the side of US Hwy 50 in Loudon County Virginia in September, 2005. He pulled to the side of the road just past a business’ entrance (the defendant). While working in the back of the truck while waiting for help, a large flatbed pulled out of the property and rammed the plaintiff’s truck, causing him to lunge forward and smash his head against the windshield.

The impact first aggravated a pre-existing neurological condition that was dormant before the accident. After the accident, the plaintiff began experiencing severe headaches, facial numbing, difficulty swallowing, gagging and more. He also suffered two herniated disks in his back.

In the end, the plaintiff had to undergo three surgeries to arrest his newly discovered rare brain anomaly, known as the “Chiari Malformation.”

After initially being denied workers’ compensation benefits, the injured trucker found new counsel that agreed to take up his case. Through mediation, the injured trucker and the company whose employee hit him came to an agreement.

I think this story points out a universal truth…persistence pays off in the end. Don’t be discouraged if you’re initially rejected for Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. If you were injured during the course of your employment, you shouldn’t be left holding the bag for your injuries.

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