Mack Babcock Honored to be Named President of Workers’ Comp Educational Association

Recently, Mack Babcock was honored to be chosen by his fellow Colorado job injury attorneys to lead the Workers’ Compensation Educational Association (WCEA) for the next 2 years…Mack has been a member of the WCEA Executive Board since 2010.

The WCEA is an educational and lobbying organization specifically for attorneys who represent injured workers. Not only does the group assist claimant attorneys better represent injured workers, it also lobbies legislators in Denver on ways to strengthen the workers’ comp system.

As president of the WCEA, Mack will have several responsibilities.

Each month, Mack will be the lead organizer for WCEA’s monthly board meetings. He’ll also have extensive involvement in educating and training members of the professional organization, and be the lead organizer for a variety of seminars and other events held throughout the year.

On the lobbying side of things, Mack will have extensive involvement in helping craft legislation and lobbying for its passage at the State Capitol.

In a news release announcing the election, Mack comments “Being president of the WCEA will allow me the opportunity to better represent the interests of injured workers at-large across our state.”

In addition to the educational and lobbying activities, member-attorneys in the WCEA also participate in a number of appeals each year under what’s known as “amicus status.”

“Amicus Curiae” is a Latin term meaning “friend of the court.” Groups with specialized expertise will participate in a case’s appeal where there may not be a clear answer. For example, the American Medical Association may be asked to lend its expertise in medical matters to a particular case. In WCEA’s case, member-attorneys may petition the court if the particular case in question addresses an issue relevant to workers’ comp.

“I’m deeply honored to have been chosen by my colleagues to lead this invaluable organization for the next two years,” comments Mack in the news release.

Having a more formal role in the WCEA will allow all of us here at the Babcock Law Firm to better represent workers injured on-the-job in Colorado – not only for individual cases we take on at any given time, but for all injured workers from all four corners of our state well into the future.

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