Can I Really Get Fired For Using Legal Marijuana?

With all of the recent legalization of marijuana in various states, there is actually a lot of controversy between employees and employers regarding this matter.  The question by so many people is how can I get fired for using marijuana that has been legalized?

This  controversy is not restricted to recreational cannabis  since you can also  be released from your job  for medical marijuana as well.

In 1996, medical marijuana became legal in California and now over 20 states have followed suit.

As most of you are probably aware, Amendment 64 was passed by Colorado voters in 2012, and sales of  legal recreational marijuana began on January 1st of this year..  Therefore, many people assume that they could never get fired for doing something that is legal.  Not so.

The Federal government still deems cannabis at any level, including recreational or medical, as an illegal substance. This would be the reason that employers can still fire you.

Bottom line, employers still call the shots when it comes to their decision on whether or not to fire you for legal marijuana. 

Have you heard of Brandon Coats?  He is a quadriplegic that worked for Dish Network and was fired in 2010 after taking a drug test that came back positive for marijuana.  He is a medical marijuana user that was prescribed cannabis to help relieve severe muscle spasms.  He never used on the job and his work performance was never affected..

His case is now headed to the Colorado Supreme Court.

As  Brandon’s case illustrates,  there are going to be many issues, sticky situations and lawsuits dealing with  cases between employees and employers.

Whatever your feelings are on marijuana legalization, if you are a user, know that at this point, your job fate is in the hands of the employer. An article at Jobs @ AOL suggests  you be discreet, don’t post anything on social media, don’t discuss your cannabis usage with co -workers and stay clean before drug tests.

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