Obtain Compensation and Treatment for Slip and Fall Injuries

One common cause of workplace injuries stems from slips and falls. This is especially true in construction trades considering the heights at which workers sometimes perform their jobs.

In fact, injuries stemming from a slip and fall are some of the hardest to deal with according to the National Safety Council. They account for 20% of all disabling injuries and cause you to miss more work on average.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from a slip and fall, the first priority is to obtain medical treatment. Acute pain is likely so reporting the injury to your employer and seeking medical attention is first on the list.

However, conditions stemming from your injuries could linger and require extensive treatment. During this time, you may be out of work and unable to hold down any employment whatsoever.

With all of this going on, it’s hard to know whether you’re receiving all of the Colorado workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to. Just when you expect the system work flawlessly and fairly, you encounter roadblocks that prevent you obtaining the benefits you need to treat your injuries and compensate you for time off work.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Denver can help you navigate through these roadblocks and ensure you receive these much needed benefits.

Don’t live with the mental, physical and financial consequences of a workplace injury when you don’t have to.

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