Overexertion-Leading Cause of Workers Compensation Injuries

According to the NSC (National Safety Council), overexertion is the most common cause of workers compensation claims.  Over 3 million hospital visits per year occur due to overexertion and many of these happen in the workplace.  12.7 billion dollars per year have been awarded to those with these types of injuries, which account for 25% of all workers comp benefit (https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/colorado-workers-compensation/) payouts.

Basically, overexertion occurs when a person works beyond their own physical capabilities.  In the workplace, the majority of these injuries are due to repetitive motions such as excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, throwing or carrying. Believe it or not, these types of injuries happen not only in a factory or construction site, but often in an office environment.

Symptoms of overexertion and what to do?

There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate your body is telling you “enough is enough.” The most common would be a sudden or sharp pain.  Often, someone may experience nausea, dizziness, a racing pulse, lower abdominal pain, fluttering heartbeat, shortness of breath and even chest pain.  Sometimes these symptoms go away by ceasing what you are doing and taking a break but there are also times you may need to call 911 immediately.

Most common overexertion work injuries

Back injuries, muscle strains, neck injuries, joint, tendon and connective tissue injuries are all very common overextion types of injuries.  However, back injuries definitely rank at the top of the list as occurring most often.

How can I avoid overexertion?

Taking frequent breaks, stretching and strength training, knowing your limits, lifting lighter loads and practicing good posture are some examples of how to avoid injury in the workplace environment.

Pain associated with an overexertion injury can often be severe.  Most of the time pain decreases after medical attention and care, but there are times that it does not.  Sometimes the pain is so severe and can become chronic.  This may lead to greater problems such as severe carpal tunnel which can cause one to be unable to work.

If you have been injured on the job due to what you believe is overexertion, an experienced Denver workers compensation attorney (https://www.injurylawcolorado.com/colorado-workers-compensation/) at the Babcock Law Firm to discuss your situation and ensure you receive all rightful benefits. We also invite you to visit our knowledge center, or download our comprehensive workers’ compensation guide, to learn more about reporting an injury and other important information about workers’ comp in Colorado.

No one should live in pain or continue to work in conditions that cause these types of injuries.

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