Big Update for Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation Database

Look for big changes to come to the online profile of Colorado’s Division of Workers’ Compensation. The Colorado DWC is moving away from a severely outdated legacy computer system to a system that will allow to more easily track their workers’ compensation claims.

This system is highly sophisticated and will “oversee the claims handling process, monitoring the chronology of events and ensuring coverage and proper payments”. In this way, the new system incorporates all of the best aspects of the former legacy system, while incorporating a number of new features that were lacking.

The much needed technology update was made possible by a collaboration with a San Francisco software company, InnoWake International, which specializes in legacy application modernizations. Colorado’s new workers’ compensation system from InnoWake is supposed to be simple and transparent on the surface; however, behind the user-friendly system, there is a complex system. Not only is the system much cheaper than the old setup, but it’s also better at handling the patchwork fixes that are inevitable with legacy systems.

The entire system is cloud-based, meaning it’s accessible from anywhere via the Web. The cloud update also gives the system a bigger capacity, more functionality and “future scalability.” Future scalability is a computer system’s ability to grow as an organization’s needs change – in this case, to handle all the injured worker claims across Colorado.

Keeping data about workers’ compensation claims organized and easily accessible is an important improvement for the countless workers who are injured on the job each year and deserve compensation. If you’ve been injured on the job and require legal counsel, contact The Babcock Law Firm for a free consultation.

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