Attorney or Therapist: Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Wear Both Hats

When you lose someone, it is always a sad and trying time. It can be even worse if you lose someone due to an accident or other negligent act. Even though it may seem unexpected to think of your lawyer being able to help you through your difficult time, they can provide some measure of support. It’s true that a lawyer cannot substitute for friends or a therapist; however, they can be effective at helping you through your trying time.

There are several ways that your lawyer can support you through your grief while pursuing a wrongful death suit. These include:

  • Giving you the time you need to focus on yourself

While they are working on your case, your wrongful death attorney can take over some of your burden with your insurance company. They can also work to gather any evidence you need for your lawsuit. It’s possible that in your time of grief that you may not have the strength to collect all of the documents needed to complete your claim or even your insurance. Wrongful death attorneys will work to find all of these documents for you.

  • Be truthful about your situation

A wrongful death attorney will provide you with an honest assessment as to whether a lawsuit would benefit you. A reliable lawyer will not try to benefit from your grief and they will tell you if you’d be better off simply seeking a settlement. Your lawyer’s focus isn’t on the money they will make off you, but rather they will focus on what has happened to your loved one and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

  • Ensure you’re set for the future

Your wrongful death attorney will ensure that you plan for your future. They will question about whether you have future financial support. They will also question whether any settlement or verdict you would win (or lose) would affect the way you currently live. Wrongful death attorneys have the knowledge to anticipate how your recovery will look and make sure that you have the necessary funds (through insurance, pension or other benefits) to live on.

In the event that you lose a loved one due to a wrongful death situation, it is to your best benefit to hire an experienced wrongful death attorney. Hiring a compassionate lawyer who is willing to put in the hours to your case, they can not only help to take some of the stress off your shoulders, but also help to let you grieve.

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