Scholarship Fund Helps Families Affected by Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries and death come with financial burdens that affect families for years to come. One Colorado company has responded to this problem by giving $15 million in scholarship money to students directly affected by workplace injuries and death.

Since 2000, Pinnacol Assurance, a worker’s compensation agency, has been giving back to families impacted by work-related injuries and death with the Pinnacol Foundation Scholars Program. The program gives deserving students financial aid that grants students a scholarship averaging around $3,500.

According to 7News Denver, this year the Pinnacol Foundation Scholars Program recognized students and families at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum. Over 100 students received a portion of this year’s scholarship fund, which totaled upwards of $400,000.

Edie Sonn, Chairman of the Pinnacol Foundation Board of Directors, summarized the solemn evening, saying, “Some of [the students’] parents are not here. So, this is an opportunity to honor the scholars and their parents as well.”

The scholarship is granted yearly and is open to any student whose parent or stepparent was the victim of a work-related injury or death, regardless of the insurance that covered the incident.

Workplace injuries and death don’t just affect victims. Families of those who have been injured or who have died at work often face emotional trauma too – the effects of which can be felt for years to come.

Being able to respond appropriately following a work-related injury or wrongful death can be a difficult task. But victims of such events don’t have to face the burden alone. Utilizing an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer can help lift the burden from victims and their loved ones.

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