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Injured Truckers and Cab Drivers

Denver attorney helps injured truck drivers and taxi cab drivers obtain Colorado workers' compensation benefits

On-the-job injuries for truckers and taxi cab drivers can be more frequent and severe than for people in other occupations. Spending your workday driving puts you at high risk for accidents, and loading cargo into a semi-trailer or lifting heavy luggage in and out of a cab at the airport undoubtedly takes its toll, too. And for a truck driver or cabbie, the costs associated with an injury can be devastating.

Please know that if you are a truck driver or taxi cab driver and have suffered a job-related injury, you are entitled to more than occupational accident benefits – even if you have been operating as an independent contractor.

The Babcock Law Firm represents truck drivers and taxi cab drivers injured on the job

Have you been told you don't have a case? Don't give up yet. Unfortunately, many Colorado attorneys do not fully understand the workers' compensation law as it applies for injured truck drivers or taxicab drivers.

Like many Colorado truckers and taxi cab drivers hired as independent contractors, you may have been misled to believe you're not entitled to full Colorado workers' compensation benefits. However, truck drivers and cabbies working as independent contractors must be covered by the employer either through a workers' compensation policy or another policy that provides benefits at least as good as Colorado workers' compensation benefits.

The Babcock Law Firm has successfully obtained benefits for every Colorado truck driver workers' compensation case it has taken on--even when the injured truckers had been told by other lawyers they had no case!

Colorado attorney for injured truck drivers and cabbies R. Mack Babcock understands the complexities of this area of workers' compensation law

The fact is that businesses make extraordinary efforts to minimize costs from truck and cab driver injuries, just when you need your employer to help deal with the financial and emotional costs of an on-the-job injury. Your employer and their workers' compensation insurance company have lawyers who work hard to minimize these costs.

You can be certain your employer and their workers' compensation insurance company fully understand the complex workers' compensation rules and know how confusing they can be to the ordinary person.

You need a Denver lawyer who is familiar not only with workers' compensation law, but specifically the law as it applies for injured truck drivers or injured taxi cab drivers. Injured truck driver attorneys at the Babcock Law Firm know the ins and outs of the complex statutes, rules and procedures for obtaining full Colorado workers' compensation benefits for truckers and cab drivers injured on the job.

Colorado attorney for injured truckers and cabbies R. Mack Babcock represented employers and workers' compensation insurance companies before founding the Babcock Law Firm. He has seen firsthand how these companies operate and uses that experience to help injured truckers and cabbies obtain the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to.

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Client Testimonials

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Prompt and Competent !
Workers Compensation  |  Englewood
Represented following shoulder injury to resolve payment of permanent partial disability benefits.
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Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5

"Thank you"

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Workers Compensation  |  Littleton
Retained to represent for denied claim. Filed an Application for Hearing resulting in a negotiated settlement.
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Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5

"In September 2016 I contacted the Babcock Law Firm to seek help with my workers compensation (injury) case... I was then quickly scheduled the next day to meet with Stephanie Tucker (associate attorney) to go over all my case details. From day one, I really felt I was dealt with the upmost understanding and compassion. It didn't take me very long to know that I was making the right choice. Now, three and a half months later, and with the firm's awesome help, the opposing insurance company has finally settled with us. The pay-out amount was exactly what we had hoped for! A very special thank you goes out to everyone at The Babcock Law Firm! Sincerely, Garrett T. (Denver, CO.) "

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Workers Comp Settlement
Workers Compensation  |  Denver
Retained for representation following a Final Admission of Liability on a shoulder injury. Objected and obtained additional monies for client.
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"Stephanie and Jan were a pleasure to work with. Both very professional. You have a good team. Take them out to dinner. Have a Great Day and again express my thanks to Stephanie' "

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