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Pedestrian Accidents

Denver Pedestrian Accident Attorney Helps You Get You Back on Your Feet

Traffic laws are designed to make the roads safe for both drivers and pedestrians. Yet every year nearly 80,000 people are hit by a car or truck when they are walking, jogging or riding a bicycle.

The devastating injuries that result can be severe, and it’s estimated that around 5,000 pedestrian accidents are fatal (see our wrongful death attorney if your loved one has suffered a fatal pedestrian accident).

With children facing the greatest risk in pedestrian accidents, the law imposes a higher duty of care on drivers in areas where children may be expected to be present. It’s sad to think that safe driving practices can prevent many accidents that occur. But drivers still exceed the speed limit, drive without concentrating on their actions, and ignore signs of potential risk that could carelessly endanger others in the area.

What You Do Next Can Determine Your Recovery after a Pedestrian Accident

If you’re injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s extremely important to contact your pedestrian accident attorney at The Babcock Law Firm right away. This applies even if you feel you may not have a case because you were jaywalking when you were hit by a car, for example. You must realize that the driver can be held legally responsible if they did not exercise a reasonable level of care (failure to use turning signal, not stopping fully before a right turn at a red light, driving too fast for the weather or traffic conditions, or any other negligent action).

The outcome of your case will depend on a careful analysis of the facts of your pedestrian accident, and these facts need to be determined immediately - before witnesses forget important details or evidence fades.

Your pedestrian accident lawyer will help in determining your avenues for recovery of damages and compensation. There may be other options in addition to the driver of the car or truck, and your Denver pedestrian accident lawyer at The Babcock Law Firm brings expertise in helping you build a strong case and recover the fair and just compensation you deserve from those at fault.

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We invite you to discuss the details of your accident with a Colorado pedestrian accident lawyer at The Babcock Law Firm. We serve Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Broomfield, Louisville, Lafayette, Golden, Thornton, Westminster and other Colorado cities. If your case falls within our practice area and we feel our representation can benefit you, a pedestrian accident attorney will meet with you for an in-depth consultation, at no charge.

We are here to help you secure a successful settlement for your Colorado pedestrian accident. Learn more about how representation works and then contact us today.

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