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3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Think you can obtain fair compensation for an injury without an attorney in Colorado? Think again...

Accidents happen all the time— in the car, at work, while shopping at the grocery store. They can range from being as minor as little spills, to being in a serious car crash.

Obviously, not every accident calls for taking legal action. Even minor car accidents like dents, scratches and fender benders won't always necessitate filing a claim as long as nobody involved is injured in any major physical, mental or financial capacity.

But when an accident does result in serious health and monetary issues, those injured may have to sue in order to receive a fair settlement from an insurance company or the responsible party. In this scenario, DMV.org pinpoints three main benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you:

  1. Knowledge of Personal Injury Laws

    Becoming familiar with personal injury laws is complicated for a number of reasons: For one, they can vary by state, county, and municipality. Second, the legal guidelines for making a personal injury claim differ based on the type of injury that occurred. For instance, establishing liability in a dog bite case is nothing like determining fault in a car accident, and the statute of limitations is longer in cases involving fraud compared to product liability. In other words, different types of injury lawsuits have different rules that apply to them.

    Most importantly, knowledgeable attorneys are able to decipher which laws pertain to your particular case and calculate how much compensation you are entitled to. Sure, you can look up the laws for your specific injury in your state, but only a personal injury expert will be able to translate these laws into applicable parameters for your case.

  2. Negotiating for Just Compensation

    Many personal injury cases can be resolved outside of court. If both parties involved in a legal dispute can agree on a settlement amount, then the cost and effort of bringing a case in front a judge can be avoided altogether. This is a popular course of action with insurance companies, who will often automatically lower their settlement offer to plaintiffs who do not have an attorney representing them.

    For this reason, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney prior to engaging in settlement negations in order to get the full amount of compensation possible. An experienced attorney uses both their in-depth knowledge of personal injury law and their position to get you fair compensation.

  3. Fair Representation in Court

    In the event that settlement negotiations break down, it is the job of a personal injury attorney to fight for fair compensation on behalf of their client in front of a judge. Hiring a lawyer with extensive trial experience not only tends to increase settlement amounts, it also makes sure plaintiffs have the representation necessary to seek payment for damages in a court of law.

    Most attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning they charge a percentage of the final settlement amount. Therefore, you only pay if they win your case. Each lawyer's percentage of legal fees is different so that is something you will have to ask during your initial consultation.

Personal injury attorney R. Mack Babcock has represented numerous clients injured by car accidents, slip and falls, negligence and other accidents throughout Colorado— both in and out of court. When an injured party reaches out for counsel, Babcock uses his in-depth knowledge of personal injury laws to determine the proper level of compensation for the plaintiff, and the best course of action for obtaining it.

If you have been seriously injured and were denied fair compensation, schedule a free consultation with R. Mack Babcock today, or visit our blog and knowledge center resources to learn more about specific types of accidents.

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