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Drunk Driving Accidents

Colorado Drunk Driving Accident/DUI Lawyer Gets Tough on Drunk Drivers, Helps Victims

Any car accident is a serious matter, but Colorado DUI and drunk driver accident lawyers see every day the devastation drunk driving accidents can cause in the lives of victims and their families.

The National Traffic Safety Administration reports that 13,470 deaths nationally in 2006 involved drunk drivers with blood alcohol levels of .08 or higher, and 334 of those deaths resulted from drunk driving accidents in Colorado. If you have lost a loved one to a drunk driver, see wrongful death.

Your drunk driver accident attorney at The Babcock Law Firm is committed to aggressive representation to secure fair and equitable retribution for victims enduring the pain and suffering caused by drunk driving accidents in Colorado.

A Colorado DUI Lawyer Who Fights for Everything Drunk Driving Accident Victims Deserve

Your Colorado drunk driving accident attorney at The Babcock Law Firm is knowledgeable and experienced in the complex intricacies of DUI/drunk driving cases. In addition to medical costs, there are usually issues of punitive and exemplary damages that you need to be aware of.

Many drunk drivers are uninsured or carry only minimal insurance coverage. Your Colorado drunk driving accident attorney can navigate the complex waters of insurance as they relate to your DUI/drunk driver case, working to find the additional proof that may be needed to win your case.

Choose a Colorado DUI Attorney Familiar with Criminal Case Law

For almost every drunk driving accident, there is a criminal and a civil case. Work with an accident attorney familiar with the interplay between the criminal case and the civil case of a drunk driving accident. The Babcock Law Firm will make sure the issues of the criminal case work to your advantage in the civil trial.

Your Colorado drunk driver accident lawyer at The Babcock Law Firm is aggressive in claims against drunk drivers. We pursue claims based on both the negligence of drunk drivers and also punitive damages, which are designed to punish the drunk driver for their willful, wanton, and reckless conduct. You need a Colorado accident lawyer with the specialized knowledge to handle complicated drunk driving accidents, to protect your rights and to make sure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to. The Babcock Law Firm is in your corner.

Talk with a Drunk Driver/DUI Accident Attorney Today – a Free, No-Risk Consultation

We invite you to discuss the details of your Colorado drunk driver accident with a  drunk driving accident lawyer at The Babcock Firm. We serve in Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Broomfield, Louisville, Lafayette, Golden, Thornton, Westminster and other Colorado cities. If your case falls within our practice area and we feel our representation can benefit you, a drunk driving accident lawyer will meet with you for an in-depth consultation, at no charge.

We are here to help you win your drunk driving accident case. Learn more about how representation works and then contact us today.

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