When Should I Consult a Colorado Car Accident Attorney?

Find Out When to Talk to an Attorney After a Car Accident

After you're in a car accident, truck wreck or motorcycle crash, it's natural to wonder if you should consult an attorney. Simply put, we would never recommend that someone try to resolve a personal injury case on their own without first speaking to an attorney. These things can be way too complicated no matter how small. You should always at least talk to an attorney and have a free consultation if you have an injury case.

In Colorado, all drivers are legally obligated to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. If the other driver is clearly at fault and your damages exceed their policy limits, then the insurance company may offer to pay the full amount owed and offer to resolve the claim quickly. However, they will only do so after being provided adequate proof of your injury, which an attorney can assist with.

In a case where the other driver only carried the minimum amount of auto insurance required, the payment from their insurance company may not cover your expenses. In that case, an attorney can help you determine whether any other insurance policies were in place at the time of the accident.

Other cases involve disputes with the insurance companies. Insurance companies may dispute liability, the extent of your damages, or some other aspect of the claim. Having an attorney on your side can help you overcome those disputes and collect the full extent of damages you deserve instead of being short-changed or taken advantage of. Having the right car accident attorney on your side can help you identify what you need to do in order to successfully resolve your claim.

Below are 10 example scenarios of when it's wise to consult an experienced attorney for your Colorado car accident.
You Should Contact an Attorney If...
  • There's a serious injury When there's a catastrophic or debilitating injury such as brain damage or spinal cord trauma, you might not understand what steps you need to take to protect your rights. In cases of a serious injury, there are both short-term and long-term damages that must be considered as part of your case. In the case of fatal car accidents, the surviving loved ones should seek advice from an attorney who specializes in wrongful death cases. A Colorado car accident attorney can guide you through this difficult process and help preserve important evidence.

  • There are errors in the police accident report The police may investigate the accident you were involved in to determine if anyone broke the law. They also collect information in hopes of making road travel safer in the future. They aren't necessarily concerned with preserving evidence for insurance purposes or for a civil case after the accident. Police and accident reports can contain critical errors. What the police say in a report isn't necessarily the final story. In such cases, an attorney can help you identify the errors and gather the evidence to refute mistakes in the police report.

  • A criminal charge is involved A serious car accident can result in a drunk driving arrest or a charge of manslaughter. Any kind of criminal infraction can have lasting consequences and elevate the stakes of the case. A criminal proceeding can impact your personal injury case, and it can have lifelong consequences. So if a criminal charge is involved, it's time to get a lawyer on your side.

  • Handling your case seems overwhelming Handling a Colorado car accident case on your own might seem overwhelming. That's a great reason to work with an attorney. Your attorney acts as both your trusted advisor and your advocate, providing you with vital information and advice and assuring that your case is being handled with care and efficiency.

  • The insurance company is questioning your damages The insurance company might try to tell you that you're asking for too much. They might refuse to pay the full value of your damages. If they're doing this to you, an attorney can step in and help you negotiate with the insurance company.

  • There are legal issues to address Bringing a personal injury claim is often a complicated legal process. You might need to file a motion, respond to a motion, file pretrial statements, and draft a brief long before your case gets to trial. The right attorney can handle these tedious and complex legal steps to keep your case on track.

  • Witnesses are uncooperative Witnesses sometimes don't want to get involved in a personal injury case or they can be difficult to track down. Prompting a witness to cooperate and offer truthful information can sometimes be complicated. An attorney knows when to be accommodating and when to use court orders like subpoenas and depositions in order to get the information that you need from eyewitnesses.

  • The other side is trying to intimidate you Sometimes, the defendant's insurance company or the other party tries to win their case by intimidating you. If they're telling you things that don't make sense or if you want an expert opinion, it's a good time to consult an attorney who can help you sort out the truth and identify the lies.

  • An insurer isn't returning your calls or answering your questions Every insurance company's goal is to pay out as little as possible. Sometimes, an insurer may try to stall the case or stop answering your questions in hopes that you'll eventually give up or settle for a lower amount. When an insurance company doesn't handle your claim fairly or efficiently, having an attorney on board can make them step up to the plate. Our attorneys have experience interacting with insurance companies, so we can skillfully handle the negotiations and ensure you're treated fairly.

  • You aren't sure what damages you qualify for There are many different types of damages that you can claim after a car accident. Medical bills, lost work wages, lost or damaged property, pain and suffering, and emotional distress are just a few examples. If you assume you can only recover for your medical bills, you may be missing out on valuable compensation. An experienced car accident attorney is familiar with all of the damages that you may be able to claim and they can help you make sure that you don't miss out.

Should I Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have a Colorado car accident case, the answer is simple: yes, absolutely. It's always a good idea to talk with an attorney — that way, you know you've done everything needed to resolve your claim and get the best possible recovery.

At the Babcock Law Firm, we offer free consultations that require no commitment and no payment whatsoever. Consultations are an opportunity for you to talk to us about your case or ask any questions you may have. We'll discuss your next steps and determine how we can help.

There are statutes of limitations that apply to Colorado car accidents, so it's important to act quickly when seeking legal advice for your case.

Download our new (PDF) Colorado Car Accident Guide for a comprehensive overview, and print out the handy car accident checklist that includes critical steps you need to try and take after an accident occurs.
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